Shadefab a noted name in the arena of fabrication and manufacturing of sheds and staircases.

Impeccable quality and superior engineering are two important attributes that have made Shadefab a noted name in the arena of fabrication and manufacturing of sheds and staircases. In our collection, you can get a wide collection of sheds and metal staircases that aim at making life comfortable and safe. In Kolkata, we are a noted name. Fabrication of sheds and its manufacturing process is as per industry standards. Use of high-grade raw materials and the latest technology has made us stand apart from others in this sector. Our commitment of catering superior quality products has helped us to reach the zenith of success.

Our area of expertise

Different products we provide are sturdy and resistant to rust and corrosion. At an affordable price range, you can get finest quality sheds for car parking area, swimming pools and staircases for fire exit. Use of the latest innovation, updated machinery, and state-of-the-art infrastructure has helped us to fulfill purposes of our wide clientele easily. Over the years, owing to our exemplary services, we are regarded as the best Car Parking Shed Manufacturer in Kolkata. Our policies and practices have helped us to meet the organizational goal and conduct our business effectively. Team of professionals maintains standards and design products with high precision in different manufacturing units.

What we envision

At Shadefab, we envision to maintain the integrity, honesty and cater superior quality sheds and fire exit staircases that will suffice your need. Satisfaction of customers is of utmost importance to us. We strive to maintain the quality of different products that we cater. Irrespective of the nature of your need, our commitment of maintaining quality is reflected through the car parking sheds, swimming pool sheds and fire exit staircases. Commitment to quality, competitive pricing, use of the latest technology and adherence to industry standards are core values that guide our manufacturing process.

Improve the aesthetic appeal

Different sheds that we manufacture aim at improving the aesthetic appeal of your property. You can opt for sheds made of both polycarbonate and GI sheets. These are lightweight, energy-efficient and cost-effective option. These sheds are resistant to corrosion in any form and are eco-friendly. These attributes have made us a preferred choice among our customers in the genre of the best manufacturer of Swimming Pool Shed in Kolkata. We have an enviable record of satisfying need of customers and having a long lasting relationship with them. Years of experience in this field has provided us with the proficiency of sufficing need of our wide client base.

Get the best product

Team of professionals optimizes designs as per need of clients. They meet different requirement of clients while designing sheds and fire exit staircases. We are equipped with tool and machinery that helps us to cater superior quality products. As per your convenience, you can even get detachable superior quality Fire Exit Stair Case in Kolkata from us. Through different processes, we ensure perfection of the job. You can obtain our products at competitive rates. Our products are fast and easy to install and has turned out to be an economical solution for customers.

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