Emphasize On Structure of Fire Exit Stair Case for Your Building.

Fire escapes are specifically designed for emergency exits in the event of a breakout. Usually, these exits are constructed outside the building and are separated from the main area. Main aim of these stairs is to provide the inhabitants an exit in case of any emergency especially when stairwell inside the building cannot be accessed. These exits are usually located on the external part of the building and preferably on the backside of the building. Safety is the main reason to install these stairs. Emergency exits are easy to access during fire breakouts and are rarely used by inhabitants.

Fire Exit Stair case

Highlight on security

Safety is the most important attribute of these emergency exits. If the residential or commercial buildings do not have ample space then, owners often opt for remote controlled and motorized stairs that can be attached only in emergencies. Material that is used for the emergency exit of your building plays an important role. It is important to choose a material that is resistant to heat and fire. It is the inherent attribute of the material that that makes maintenance of these stairs a less daunting task. These exits can be customized as per your need. Best way to confront the fire is by moving towards the open air and these exits allow inhabitants to do so.

Choose best fabricator

For your residential or commercial property you can hire services of best fabricator and manufacturer of fire exit stairs in Kolkata. Professional will propose the best structure for the emergency exits. Different horizontal platforms are connected with each floor. Railings used in these exits do not serve the same function as that of normal handrails. During the manufacturing process of these stairs, staircase flight width and height are emphasized. It is important for these exits to carry the weight of people passing through it and its weight.

Latest forms of exits

Advanced technology has now enabled detached and motorized staircase that can be used as and when needed. For your apartment, you will probably want the best, and for this you need to use metals that are galvanized, weather proof and free from corrosion and rust. Know the fire resistant value of the metal used for these stairs prior to installation. Apart from the materials, few other specifications that you need to consider are stair case minimum tread that should be around fifteen centimeters and risers measuring approximately nineteen centimeters. You need to ensure that entrance of the internal staircase is separate from the emergency one.

Adherence to guidelines

Investment in these fire exits are worth in comparison to the safety and security is provided to inhabitants in times of emergency. To ensure the security of your building, it is important to comply with the regulations and guidelines lay down by authorities. The noted Fire exit staircase manufacturer and fabricator in Kolkata ensure that their products exceed expectations of homeowners or property owners. Whether it is replacing the old staircase or installing new one, these manufacturers are deft in all these activities. Accurate engineering and planning with precision are two important keys to a successful installation.

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